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Scenic 30A / South Walton

Scenic Hwy 30A is a 28-mile corridor that runs along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, in Walton County, Florida. This picturesque stretch of road is surrounded by panoramic views of pristine white sand beaches and beautiful views. The rare coastal dune lakes located on 30A are unique & found only in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, and Walton County.  This combination offers a very relaxing journey for both visitors and locals.

Whether you choose to travel by car, bicycle, or on foot, opting for the scenic route will take you past four expansive state parks, over 27 miles of lush greenway trails, 11 gorgeous coastal dune lakes, and 12 beach communities.

Scenic Highway 30A Real Estate for Sale – 30A Communities

12 picturesque beach communities are situated along 30A. These communities are:

30A Beaches – 30A Homes for Sale

Communities along 30A are known to have strict commercial and residential building codes which prohibit the construction of large commercial developments and high-rise condos. As a result, residents get to enjoy a more laid-back environment where the scenery is the main highlight, as properties consist mostly of single-family beach homes and low-rise condo projects.

Activities in Scenic 30A
There are tons of relaxing, family-friendly activities to enjoy while taking in the breathtaking sights of Scenic 30A. The picturesque environment is the perfect setting for activities that allow you to stay active, relax during your free time, and reconnect with nature.

Here are some of the many activities to enjoy in Scenic 30A:

  • Biking – There’s nothing quite like feeling the cool ocean breeze flowing through your hair as your cruise past stunning ocean views and pristine beaches. The beach communities along Scenic 30A boasts a wide selection of shops offering bikes and accessories for sale or rent.
  • Ocean activities – Those who love ocean activities will find no shortage of services and rental shops offering tours or a wide range of equipment for rent. Some of the many water activities you can enjoy in the beach towns of Scenic 30A are fishing, boating, canoeing, and kayaking.  
  • Golf – Golf enthusiasts get access to three world-class golf courses located along Scenic 30A. Whether you’re a serious player or just someone looking for a relaxing afternoon of golf, you’re sure to find an ideal golf course perfectly suited for your style of play. These three excellent golf courses are The Vue on 30A(Santa Rosa Beach), Camp Creek Golf Course (WaterSound Beach), and Tiger Point Golf Club (Penascola Beach).
  • Shopping – Shopping is definitely a treat in Scenic 30A! While all of the beach neighborhoods have their own selection of interesting local shops, one of the best places to head to is Santa Rosa Beach. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of shops that carry anything from specialty foods, beach apparel, athletic wear, and so much more.